3 Ultimate Guide To Fix ATT Password Not Working on Thunderbird

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 My Att password not working on Thunderbird. Why would there be a need for advise on Passwords.  Simple they are really not intuitive at all.  So here we have what I see as the most asked questions about Passwords in Thunderbird, and perhaps a little background on the passwords used.

When you try to log on to your email account, you get the message that password is not authenticated. This has been going because either you forget your password or your account has been hacked or  att password not working on thunderbird. In this case, you delete your password for following the simple steps:

  • Tools > Options > security > Passwords tab click on ‘Saved Passwords‘ click on ‘show Passwords’
  • There will be two lines – mailbox (incoming), smtp (outgoing) highlight these lines click on ‘Remove’ click on ‘close’ click on ok to save changes to options.
  • Close and reopen Thunderbird. It will prompt for password. Enter the same password you use to access the webmail account. select the option for password manager to remember the password and click on ok.

If you have been looking for att net email settings, then you have come to the right place. This article will take you through all the steps involved in setting up an Att net email on your system. Many of you may not be knowing about the correct att email settings and there is nothing wrong with this, att password not working on thunderbird. We all have to learn the process that we are doing for the first time.

Below mentioned steps will definitely help you in knowing the exact att email settings and setting up your account successfully on different devices and email clients. The steps are really easy, anyone can follow and execute them, no need for technical expertise. Just keep on following the below-mentioned steps as per your email client and device type and your account will be configured successfully within a few minutes.

ATT.NET Email IMAP Server Settings

att password not working on thunderbird

The ATT email settings using IMAP are mentioned below,  att password not working on thunderbird. You need to apply these settings in order to use the incoming email services without any problem:-

  • The account type should be IMAP
  • For username, enter your ATT email address
  • Enter the password for the username

For the incoming server, the hostname should be imap.mail.att

  • The server port value should be 993
  • For authentication, enter your username and password.
  • Put yes, for SSL/TLS.

After applying the aforementioned att.net email IMAP settings,  att password not working on thunderbird. You will be able to enjoy the att incoming mail services.

ATT.NET Email SMTP Server Settings

att password not working on thunderbird

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply the required Outgoing(SMTP) server setting for ATT. 

  • The account type should be ‘SMTP.’
  • For username, use your email id
  • Use your ATT password
  • The server hostname should be smtp.mail.att.net
  • The server port value should be 465
  • Use your email address and password for authentication
  • Put ‘yes’ when prompted for SSL/TLS

When you apply the att.net email SMTP settings, you get the freedom to use att outgoing email services without any issue.

ATT.NET Email POP3 Server Settings

att password not working on thunderbird

Find below the POP3 settings for ATT email that you need to apply for being able to use the att email services on your device or email client:-

If you choose to go with the POP3 settings, enter the incoming server settings as below:-

  • The ATT pop3 incoming mail server should show inbound.att.net
  • The server value should be 995

For POP3 SMTP outgoing mail server information, enter the following:-

  • The outgoing mail server should reflect ‘outbound.att.net’
  • The port value should be 465
  • Make sure to checkmark the ‘requires authentication’ box 

The above-mentioned settings are typically used when you automatically set up an email account, the settings will work perfectly. But for manual setup, the steps are a little different. For further queries, you can call or send an email to us.

Also visit : https://www.att-email-settings.com/att-email/att-email-settings-thunderbird/

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