How To Create ATT Secure Mail Key For Thunderbird

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Follow the simple steps to create ATT secure mail key for Thunderbird. If you have multiple accounts (sub-accounts) then you need to log into myAT&T using each account’s email address and password to create its own secure mail key.  You don’t create the passwords for sub-accounts directly from the primary account.

Secure mail keys are not account passwords, which is the main point of having them and are only used by email client apps like Thunderbird.  Aside from creating them through my AT&T they have nothing to do with your web mail passwords which are why you cannot create or change them like passwords, although you can also change your account password from my AT&T as well. While att is generating the 16-character secure mail key for you as well as account passwords and security questions, they are stored as encrypted data.  Best options are account passwords and security questions; you can only replace and never recover.

Create ATT secure mail key for Thunderbird

Learn how to create a secure mail key for Thunderbird from your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Have your User ID and password ready to sign in to my AT&T.

  • Go to Profile > Sign-in info.
create att secure mail key for thunderbird
  • Select the email account that you want to get a secure mail key for. You’ll find a drop-down menu at the top if you have multiple accounts.
  • Scroll to secure mail key and select “Manage secure mail key”.
  • If you have more than one email address, select the one you want to use.
  • Select “Add secure mail key”.
  • Enter a nickname for the secure mail key to make it easier to recognize.
  • Select Create secure mail key.
  • Select Copy secure mail key to clipboard. (Jot down your secure mail key, so you have it handy if you have to update an email app on several devices.)
  • For security purposes, the secure mail key only shows until you select OK. 
  • If you lose or forget the secure mail key, you can create new secure mail keys as needed.
  • Select OK.
  • Go to your preferred email app and replace the existing password with your secure mail key. For an IMAP account, delete the existing password for both the IMAP and SMTP servers and replace them with your Create ATT secure mail key for Thunderbird.

Additional secure mail key notes

Learn how to switch to an oAuth email app and avoid secure mail keys
For step-by-step instructions to set up or update your email account in several popular email apps.

Review email apps on all your devices
Check the email apps you use on each of your devices to see if they use oAuth technology. If they don’t, we suggest you switch to an oAuth email app.

Access your AT&T email account without an Auth mail app or secure mail key
You can always read and manage your email through a Web browser at Create ATT secure mail key for Thunderbird. Use your AT&T email.

Remember that a secure mail key won’t affect your AT&T email password
You’ll still use the same password you currently use for your AT&T email account in oAuth-compatible apps, my AT&T, other AT&T products like and web mail, Create ATT secure mail key for Thunderbird.

Create a new secure mail key for a blocked or locked account
For safety reasons, we delete secure mail keys whenever we have to lock or block your account. If that happens, you’ll have to create att secure mail key for Thunderbird email address.

Give your secure mail key a nickname

We suggest you create a nickname to identify your secure mail key, especially if you have more than one. It’s much easier to recognize a nickname, like Ari’s email or Kelly’s email.

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  1. The following instructions given above are usefull:

    Scroll to secure mail key and select “Manage secure mail key”.
    If you have more than one email address, select the one you want to use.
    Select “Add secure mail key”.

    The sign-in screen shows no option, scrolling down doesn’t show “secure mail key” anywhere, nor is there any option for “manage secure mail key”. What kind of idiot leaves instructions that cannot be carried out? Clearly there is something left off of the instructions that prevents the user from finding “secure mail key”.


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