AT&T Unable to Send or Receive Emails? Here is a Quick Fix

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AT&T Unable to Send or Receive Emails? Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix these problems. Read on.

Currently, AT&T is one of the most secure email service providers to send and receive emails, and to store your personal data. It can be quite stressful or disheartening if you’re unable to send or receive AT&T emails.

The inability to send emails from your AT&T account can be caused by your account, settings, connectivity, or browsers. Are you unable to send or receive emails on your AT&T email account? Here is an informative guide to help you fix the AT&T email sending and receiving issues quickly.

These fixes are based on the examination of several cases of AT&T email sending and receiving issues.

How to Fix AT&T Unable to Send or Receive Emails?

Remember, you need to check your account, settings, connectivity, and browsers to fix any issue.

Check Your AT&T Email Account Settings

The first thing to check is your AT&T email account settings. This has a lot to do with your inability to send or receive emails in your account. Here are some important tips and settings to check if you’re finding it difficult to send or receive AT&T emails.

  • If you can’t send emails, check if your email meets the max size limit of attachments.
  • If you receive error messages like “Failed Delivery,” “Message Not Sent,” or “Message Not Sent,” check whether your email contains the correct recipient email address.
  • Log out from your email accounts and log in again
  • Check the blocked email addresses. There are chances that you have – intentionally or unintentionally – blocked the recipient and now trying to send an email to a blocked email address. In such a case, you first need to unblock them.
  • If you can’t receive emails, check the Filters folder of your AT&T account. It’s possible that emails are redirected after filtration.

Check for Connectivity or Browser Issues

  • If you’re unable to send or receive AT&T emails, try to open your AT&T email account in a different web browser. For instance, if you’re using Firefox, you can switch to Chrome.
  • Check whether your browser accepts cookies. If it does, you may have to delete the cookies and cache.
  • You may need to enable JavaScript on your browser.
  • You may need to disable all the firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware programs on your device. These programs can sometimes interrupt the normal functioning of web programs like AT&T.
  • Make sure that your outgoing mail server on your POP client is pointing to (where is your domain name).
  • You may need to remove your email account and set it up again

Troubleshoot Your Email Program or App

Unable to Send Emails from AT&T

If you’re using the AT&T email program or app, you need to check the following:

  • Check the internet connection
  • Check the AT&T app’s outbox folder and remove the stored messages and try to send them again.
  • Look for the email error codes and do the required troubleshooting.
  • Check the settings for the AT&T email client.
  • You may need to update your email program or app

If you are unable to send or receive AT&T emails, this guide will help you troubleshoot mail sending and receiving issues for your AT&T account. But if you are facing a more severe situation, contact the AT&T support team.

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