DWQA QuestionsCategory: Microsoft OutlookUNABLE TO RECEIVE E-MAIL in ATT Email?
admin Staff asked 8 months ago

I have a few subaccounts that I have utilized for quite a long time. I bought a PC and am attempting to get email working with Microsoft Outlook. I had the option to make a safe Mail Key for the essential record and that email is sending and receiving fine. Be that as it may, I can’t discover anyplace in my profile or whatever other spot where it will permit me to set a Secure Mail Key for the subaccounts. This will be required with the goal for me to get this working with Outlook. I can see my email subaccounts, however there is no alternative to set the key. Likewise, the subaccounts don’t show up under the “oversee secure mail keys” area, so there is no chance to choose a subaccount and set it there. Any assistance would be significantly refreshing!

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