How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving or Sending Emails?

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Yahoo Mail is one of the best email clients you’ll find out there but like most other email clients, you may encounter difficulties in receiving or sending emails due to several reasons.

Causes of Yahoo Mail Not Receiving or Sending Emails

Several things can prevent your Yahoo Mail from receiving or sending emails. However, the major causes include: Yahoo Mail Not Receiving or Sending Emails

  • Account issues
  • System interruptions
  • User Error

While some of these causes have direct solutions, others may require you to wait for the system to sort out itself. Being unable to get the emails you’re expecting or timely send an important email can be very frustrating. What can you do when you’re not able to receive or send emails in Yahoo Mail?

Here are some things you should do to identify and fix any problem that may be preventing you from receiving or sending emails in your Yahoo Mail account:

Quick Fix – If You Can’t Send Emails

If you can’t send emails or Yahoo Mail Not Receiving or Sending Emails, check your “Sent” folder for any email you’ve previously sent for errors. It’s possible you’re making some small mistakes. If you find an email that you’ve sent in your “Sent” folder, then the email has been sent successfully. Otherwise, it won’t be there.

If you can’t find the email that you’ve sent in your “Sent” folder, check your “Drafts” folder – perhaps, you didn’t send the email like you thought you did. Carefully check the recipient’s email address for spelling errors to be sure you’ve sent the email to the right person. If the email address is right, check whether you haven’t mistakenly blocked the address.

Lastly, if you find the sent email in your “Sent” folder but the recipient still claims he/she hasn’t received the email, ask the recipient to check his/her filters, “Spam” folder, or list of blocked email addresses to be sure that your email didn’t hit any walls on its way to them.

Quick Fix – If You Can’t Receive Emails

If you notice that you aren’t receiving emails, the first thing to do is to verify if the issue is with your account by sending a blank email to yourself. If you don’t receive the blank email you sent to yourself, then something is definitely wrong with your account.

Otherwise, check your filters, “Spam folder”, and list of blocked email addresses to be sure the sender’s email wasn’t blocked on its way to you. If your email account can receive emails and nothing seems amiss, ask the sender to double-check your email address for any spelling error.

How to Fix It, When Yahoo Mail Not Receiving or Sending Emails?

The solutions explained below should apply to all versions of Yahoo Mail running on both mobile and web devices.

Check Your Spam Folder: Yahoo Mail comes with an automatic bulk-mail filter that does an amazing job of ensuring that unwanted emails don’t get into your inbox. However, this is not perfect and makes mistakes occasionally.

Hence, you should sometimes check the spam folder to see whether the email(s) you’re expecting ended up there accidentally. If you find any non-spam email in the spam folder, move it to the inbox and safelist the sender to make sure his/her email(s) get through into your inbox in the future.

Take a look at your filters: Yahoo Mail also includes a filter feature that you can set up to automatically sorts emails as soon as they arrive. Though this feature is useful, it sometimes makes mistakes. For instance, a filter can mistakenly grab emails you don’t intend it to.

If you don’t receive the email you’re expecting in your inbox, check the Filters section in your Yahoo Mail settings before hunting through all of your folders. This will help you to identify and fine-tune the rules you’ve set up if any issue arises.

Check the “Reply-to” address: Another amazing feature of Yahoo Mail is its ability to allow you to specify a different email address for your recipients to reply to. That means, if you don’t want your recipients to reply to the same email address your sent the mail with, you can specify a different email address (“Reply-to” address) to receive replies.

If you set a “Reply-to” address, emails won’t be delivered to your Yahoo inbox, even if you can send emails from that account. To fix this, check the mailboxes section of your settings for any active reply-to address. If there is an active “Reply-to” address, check that email account for the missing email(s). Ensure to leave your “Reply-to” address is blank to avoid future occurrences.

Check your blocked address list: It’s possible that you aren’t receiving emails because you’ve blocked the sender’s address – unknowingly or intentionally. To check for blocked email addresses, go to the Security and Privacy section of your settings. Blocked email addresses are usually arranged alphabetically.

Send a blank email to yourself: Being able to access your Yahoo Mail account doesn’t mean it is working correctly. Your inability to receive Yahoo mail may be due to system interruption. One way to see if the delivery system is functioning properly is to send an email to yourself and see if it gets into your inbox.

If the delivery system is malfunctioning, you may receive an error email with a specific error code that you can look up to get an idea of what’s going on.

Sign out and back in: Either you’re using the Yahoo Mail app on the web or your mobile device, you may lose the connection between it and your account. All you have to do is sign out and sign in back in to re-establish the link.

You may also need to reset your browser if you’re using Yahoo mail on the web. Sometimes, the accumulated data and cookies may affect how websites, including Yahoo, behave. Simply close and restarting first, but if this doesn’t work, reset or restore your browser.

Try a different Yahoo Mail platform: If you aren’t receiving emails on the web-based Yahoo Mail, try to access your account via your phone’s dedicated mail client or the official Yahoo Mail app. Also, make sure that everything is up-to-date.

Request the sender to verify your email address: Chances are that the sender is sending the email to the wrong address. The sender might have omitted a letter or sending the email to an address that looks like yours. Hence, request the sender to check that the email he or she entered is yours and correct.

Finally, if none of these solutions listed above work, Contact Yahoo Chat with us. When you reach out to Yahoo support, one of the representatives will walk you through additional troubleshooting steps.

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